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The residents in Miami-Dade Florida who are anxious to see whether they have mold issues or not can call COREQ Mold Analysis. Our Miami mold inspectors offer a professional inspection and will quickly know if you have any indoor mold growth damaging your personal property. Our mold inspections will promptly let you know if there is any mold that might be dangerously impacting the health of you or your family. You can spend a relaxing day at the Miami Beach remembering those around you no longer have to worry about mold threatening your families health. Miami has a partner in the war against mold! COREQ Mold Analysis offers unbiased Anderson mold testing without a conflict of interest. Our certified Miami professional mold inspectors will answer all the questions that you have about these frustrating problems and find out once and for all whether you have a mold issue or not. Our sample collection provides accurate evidence of precisely what you and your family are breathing in that might be causing you health issues.

Our Miami -Dade County mold inspection company specializes in giving you the most reliable mold inspection available. Get your answers by carrying out mold testing along with a complete visual inspection by one of our mold inspectors. Some companies may offer free mold inspections, but they are just guessing at what is going on in your house. At COREQ Mold Analysis we provide an air sample collection that gives you precise knowledge about what kind of quality of the air you have in your home or business. Our trained mold inspectors can take samples of air from areas you might think smells moldy or where you have seen something out of the ordinary. If there are areas where you suspect water may have caused damage we can do surface samples that help determine if there is a serious problem that might need to be dealt with beneath the surface. Surface sample collection is often used when visible mold growth is present. Certain types of fungus are not easily airborne unless disturbed including this includes Stachybotrys or the black mold. Identifying the specific species of mold present is crucial in determining whether or not the issue can be handled without a  professional intervention by an expert in mold remediation.


Why You should hire us


It is always great when we can let our customer know that the conditions do not require further actions, but when the problem does require more care, we offer step-by-step details so that clients know what they are going to need to do to remedy the issues facing them. Getting an inspection done can even save clients money in the long run. Often clients get the peace of mind learning the mold is not harmful or that there is no mold present. When mold is found our clients save money because of our detailed reports explaining the best protocols to use to clear up the mold. Whatever your reason for calling our experts here at COREQ Mold Analysis into your home or business we can help you get the answers you need to whatever questions you may have about mold. Quickly acting is of the essence to keep not only the costs down but to protect your family and customers. The sooner mold problems are addressed the easier they are to get rid of once and for all.

NO conflict of intrests

Avoid hiring a company with a conflict of interest to deal with any issues to resolve your mold problems.  Hiring a Miami, Florida mold remediation company to carry out an inspection is an example of what you don’t want to do. These companies often offer free checks to get their foot in their door to pitch a more critical, more lucrative job. Sometimes customers results indicate that there is no real problem at all or the client could quickly solve the problem on their own. A visual inspection often is not enough to always know the nature of the problem.
Here at COREQ Mold Analysis, we operate under a strict code of ethics. Our mold inspectors are the best at determining whether or not you have an issue that requires a professional mold remediation company or not!

Mold Remediation protocol

If clients do have elevated levels of mold in their residence, we supply a complete step-by-step protocol for mold remediation. This includes the process for how the remediation should be handled by professionals and what steps are crucial to the success of the plan. Mold remediation is very different than a normal remodeling job because each measure has to put into place to prevent the mold from spreading further. Infected materials can send thousands of mold spores into the air. Problem areas need to be contained and equipped with an air scrubber while work is being completed to improve and remove any spores that require out of the building. Walls must be HEPA vacuumed after all contaminated materials are removed and treated with antimicrobial solutions and sealants. These are things that professional mold remediation companies have the equipment to do that a regular construction company wouldn’t have access too. Air quality has to be maintained. This type of work should only be attempted by an experienced expert who understands the entire process of mold remediation.

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