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Welcome to COREQ Mold Analysis in Broward County, Florida. We can offer people our services without a conflict of interest as we do not handle mold restoration. Since we do not do anything but test for mold, we can provide much-needed services to the residents of Broward County. With mold inspectors in Ft. Lauderdale, mold inspectors in Hollywood, mold inspectors in Pompano Beach, and with being able to send mold inspectors to the entire Broward County. Our valuable training is essential when analyzing indoor air quality, to ensure the client does not have to worry about the possibility of false results to promote a mold remediation job.

Dealing with mold issues is probably unlike anything else you have had to deal with previously.  That is why we have made every effort to have the best-trained mold inspectors in Broward County. Don’t let fears about mold growth keep you from Well if you are anxious about mold growth negatively impacting your indoor air quality call the professionals at COREQ Mold Analysis.; you have come to the right place. While every situation is unique; the professionals at COREQ Mold, have been trained to know exactly where to look for mold, and if you have mold in your house we will find it. Other mold companies in Broward County may not be trained to the same depth our inspectors are.


When the Mold Test results arrive

Once the test results come in, our trained professional mold inspectors will call and explain to you right away our detailed report and let you know whether or not elevated levels of mold exist at the precise location of where the remediation needs to take place if any. Once we know elevated levels of mold do live, you will be presented with a report with a step-by-step protocol to get the indoor environment back to normal pf your house or business. If we provide you with these detailed steps; then chances are high we will advise letting a professional with all the necessary different types of equipment performs the work. This is valuable information for whatever company you go with to handle the removal process. Getting the job is done correctly the first time around saves a lot of time and cost. The best removal companies would insist that an initial inspection is completed before beginning the removal process, but also that a clearance test is taken after to ensure everything has been completed correctly. This keeps them truthful, but more importantly, guarantees that your indoor air quality has returned to normal levels.

Mold Inspection you can trust

Residents of Broward County, FL, who put their trust in COREQ Mold Analysis can be assured that if they have a mold problem our professionals know precisely where to find it and what protocol it will take to eradicate it. The experienced technicians at COREQ Mold Analysis will see the problem and determine the cause. When it comes to mold, testing is the only method that can accurately determine the cause, and that can get you the answers you want. All of the samples we collect are sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. Once testing is completed our trained mold inspectors will give you a complete detailed report.  Our reports can be completely backed up with data we collect from our testing. Our inspectors never throw stuff out there. They always have to prove to back any claim they make. Our detailed report looks excellent in settlement cases with landlords and other people. Our data from our test is your proof as to what is going on where mold is concerned.

Cutting edge inspection equipment

Our mold inspection company in Broward County not only has the best professionals in the business but the best equipment. We use just the best technology on the market like infrared cameras and moisture meters to find the best areas to test.  Our technicians will collect both air and surface samples to reveal what types of spores that are present in your air. This is the only precise way to determine what is happening with your indoor air quality. Be aware of unethical practices that some mold companies may use like offering a “free mold inspection,” as removal companies typically promote these. The company doing your testing should have no ties to the company doing your mold remediation. Mold assessment should always be independent of whoever you plan to hire to handle the necessary work. Often even if you see mold, a removal company is not required to manage the job as some mold is common and non-toxic.

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