What is Mold?

One of the hardest molds to eradicate is Stachybotrys because it can grow on porous surfaces. You cannot just wipe away mold off of drywall or wood surfaces. The only way to assure your home is a healthy environment after finding black mold in your wood or walls is to completely replace the affected materials or treat them if they are not too bad and can be salvaged without further contamination to the rest of the home. Molds particularly love to dwell in sheetrock. Sheetrock is impossible to completely treat the issue once it has colonies of black mold. The fungus is like a weed. If you break it off at them and leave the root still in the ground, it will grow back. Fungus from the black mold is like a weed in that if you do not eradicate the source it will keep coming back Hiring a restoration company to deal with your black mold issue is of great importance to completely rid yourself of the mold and make your home safe once again for your family. Restoration companies know how to use containment areas or plastic barriers to help prevent the spread of mold spores while doing their work. Mold restoration companies also run air scrubbers and apply negative pressure to help force everything to go to the outside. They will use antimicrobial solutions, along with scrubbing, and put on anti-microbial sealants to prevent future outbreaks of mold from reoccurring. Remember once you are finished with your mold remediation to be sure to run a clearance test to be sure all signs of Stachybotrys are gone.

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