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How to Remove and Treat Black Mold

What is Mold? One of the hardest molds to eradicate is Stachybotrys because it can grow on porous surfaces. You cannot just wipe away mold off of drywall or wood surfaces. The only way to assure your home is a healthy environment after finding black mold in your wood...

Homebuyer mold inspection before purchasing a home

Why would you want a mold inspection before purchasing a house? A home buyer inspection is essential when buying a house. Buyers can waive their right to an examination, but it is recommended. It is wise (and advised) to conduct one. The cost far outweighs any excuse...

What causes mold to grow

What causes mold to grow? You may be asking yourself what variables are necessary for mold to start growing in the first place. As previously mentioned, Stachybotrys takes a little longer to start growing, Like most species on mold though as with other species it can...

Dealing with Black Mold

Black Mold in South FloridaWhen we talk about mold, probably none is more feared than what is commonly referred to as “Toxic Black Mold.” Most people generally fear black mold because it has been talked about a lot on the news and is known to cause health issues if...

What if I have mold in the attic?

What if I have Mold in the attic?A lot of clients are concerned about whether they have mold in their attics or not. Sometimes a person doing a general home inspection will see signs that indicate there may be mold growth in the attic, but they may not be sure because...

What Is mold?

What is Mold?  What is Mold? Molds are types of fungi that produce long tube‐like structures called hyphae. As the hyphae begin to grow, it develops into hairy or fuzzy looking colonies. Colonies may be found in a  variety of shapes, sizes, and textures depending on...

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