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Core Q Mold Analysis

Certified Mold Inspectors in South Florida

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Mold Inspection

One of our Mold Certified Inspectors will come to inspect the mold in your home, sample will be taken and be sent to an independent laboratory for testing  

Mold Testing Reading and Results

Once we receive the testing we will analyze the results and make our recommendations as to if mold remediation is necessary or not. If it is necessary we will set the guidelines to what need to be done to the mold remediation company.  

8 Reason why you need Mold Inspection

1. People who notice they are experiencing a lot of allergy symptoms may want to have their home checked for mold. Common allergy symptoms to look for include headaches, a scratchy or a sore throat, a runny nose, or a stuffed up head.
2. If you can smell a musty odor, it is a good idea to have an inspection even if you cannot physically see mold.
3. If you have had recent plumbing leaks or other water issues or flooding in your office or home it can be an excellent idea to get it inspected for mold to be safe.
4. If you see something that appears to look like it may be mold you should have it checked by a professional.
5. When buying or selling the property, you may want to have the property in question inspected by a professional to avoid legal issues down the road.
6. If you previously had an issue with mold and had it removed it is an excellent idea to have the quality of your air checked to make sure there are no reoccurrences.
7. Sometimes landlords or a tenant, you may want or need evidence whether you do not have any issues with mold.
8. You may also want to test the quality of the air your family is breathing in to ensure it is the best quality you can provide for their comfort and safety.

Mold Inspection and testing process

1. Once you decide you need your home or business tested you should call or email COREQ Mold Analysis to set up an appointment with one of our expert inspectors.
2. Our experts will come and do a visual inspection of the property in question.
3. Our professionals will take both air and surface samples to analysis.
4. We collect samples to send to an independent lab for analysis.
5. Once we receive the results, we will give you a copy of them, as well.
6. Next, our professional inspectors will provide you with a detailed report of the steps necessary for mold remediation if needed.
7. After the remediation, our professional team will repeat any clearance testing that is needed.
8. At COREQ Mold Analysis we will give you our full customer support throughout the entire process.

Finding Mold Inspection Company You Can Trust


Finding someone you trust is very important when inviting them into your home or business! At COREQ Mold Analysis we adhere to a strict code of ethics. When you hire an independent contractor, you can’t be sure what you are getting. COREQ Mold Analysis employees have specific procedures they have to go by to make sure our customers are getting the same excellence they have become accustomed too no matter which location they are working from or what problems are identified at their site.

As the most trusted mold testing company in the south Florida, COREQ Mold Analysis is the clear choice when you are concerned about the quality of the air in your home or business. With three great locations, COREQ Mold Analysis can assure you that you are dealing with skilled professionals who have been trained to be the best in their field. Customer satisfaction is of great importance to us here at COREQ Mold Analysis, and so we have installed a level of checks and balances in place to assure our customers always get the quality service they deserve! We take any customer complaints and concerns very seriously to guarantee our customer satisfaction is always a top priority.

Allowing COREQ Mold Analysis to come in at the beginning of the process will help keep you informed about the steps necessary in the process to be taken. We give step-by-step directions of what needs to happen in our report once we process your homes testing. This is crucial in keeping costs down. It will also enable you to assure that your home or business is quickly brought back into a safe and healthy environment.

Even if you are not seeing any signs of mold, but are having health-related symptoms you may still have a mold problem. Having an expert inspector can give you the confidence that your home is safe or if there is a problem you can have confidence knowing it is properly taken care of to restore your air quality to safe levels. Be assured that if there is mold in your home or office, our expert team will locate it and know what steps are needed to resolve any issues.


About Us

At COREQ Mold Analysis, we are dedicated to giving all our customers excellent service to ensure they are satisfied with our work. We know that it is essential to be able to reach someone to answer your questions, so we have customer service representatives available from 8 AM to 6 PM since our inspectors are out in the field. Our representatives are trained to answer your questions and to alleviate any of your concerns. Our business model is always to provide our customers the best customer service while being professional and accurate.

At COREQ Mold Analysis, we want to be the solution you are looking for so we are continuously looking to improve and be the best mold inspection company we can be. Our specialists are educated in all areas of mold growth. We realize not all mold is harmful and still, others can have definite effects on one’s health. Our goal to be able to educate and help our clients understand where they fit into the equation and what steps are needed if any to make sure their home or business is safe for the people that mean the most to them.

We know that while some people choose not to believe that mold can affect one’s health that it definitely can, so we take educating those individuals very seriously. We see the effects mold has on health even in short terms every day while conducting our tests. Therefore, training people on how to correct those situations that put their health and homes at risk is of utmost importance to our team of experts.

We're here for you

I couldn’t give enough gratitude to this COREQ Mold Analysis for all of their thoroughness and professionalism. We have a one year old son, so getting accurate testing to know what we’re up against was huge.  They handled every step with the upmost quality and care and have given us to knowledge and power to feel safe in our home again.

Sherry A.

This company is the best!  They are professional and extremely knowledgeable. They gave me very detailed reports so I would know exactly what I was dealing with. I would definitely recommend this company!

Tim W.


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